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I can’t believe I’m 40. I want to go back to eating Little Debbie Swiss Rolls, Big Wheels with handbrakes and the shirtless summer days when you’re only responsibility in life was to be home before the street lights come on.  I’m 40 though.  The 10 year old me would not be impressed.  I’m married with four daughters.  Four!  And it gets worse… I’m a teacher, not even an astronaut or NFL football player.

As a child, I hated writing, my basketball goal in the driveway was the only vice I needed for processing life’s mental and emotional obstacles.  As an adult, one without a driveway fit for a goal, I learned that writing was therapeutic for me much the same way that playing against Larry Bird or Michael Jordan in my gravel driveway had been when I was younger.

When I dig into what is at the center of my being:  What is it that inspires and encourages me?  What is it that makes me who I am?  The bible says in Gen 2:7 , “Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being”.  For me that is in part the coal dust breathed into the lungs of my grandfathers who worked and lived in coal camps.  It is also in part the chalk dust from erasers banged together and hovering in the air of classrooms past and present.  From this dust, I have been formed and most certainly God breathed life into me.

I asked Christ into my heart at age 27.  It is the most significant decision I’ve ever made.  Naturally it shapes my thoughts, my feelings, my attitude and my efforts on a daily basis.  I am a sinner, I struggle to improve every day.  I have small victories and large failures.

I write as a release, often some idea or random thought has taken my brain hostage and the only way to free my mind is to hammer the words out onto a keyboard.  I struggle to focus on other responsibilities until I’ve expressed those ideas.  Those ideas often result in writings about my youth, my heritage, being a father, a husband, and a follower of Jesus.

I love fishing, lifting weights, playing with my daughters, Andy Griffith reruns, dating my wife, a good bourbon, floating on lakes, dance battles in the kitchen,  dogs, the smell of baby scalps right after bath time, stretching out on the floor and darn near every food I’ve ever tried.  I have so much to write about.  I hope you continue to visit this blog and share it with your friends.