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I’m a Facebook junkie, I don’t even care to admit it. I’ve written another blog about my love for it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t things I see there I wish I didn’t. There are of course. Specifically, it isn’t Facebook that annoys me. But like everybody else, it is the posts of certain varieties that leave me shaking my head.

There are certain friends, acquaintances and family members that I’ve just grown accustomed to the type of posts they make. Most are funny, insightful and positive. But then there are the ones frequently spewing negativity.

You know the type…and if you know you are the type, it’s okay. I don’t judge based on Facebook posts and I love you anyway. God gave me thumbs and so I scroll on by. I certainly hope you do the same when I post rants about my Bearcats, humblebrags about my kids, or the latest Advocare products I want you to know about.

The ones that never stop disappointing me on Facebook, though, are my Christian friends and family who share political insight, share articles from CNN or Fox News and expect the world to nod their head in agreement at them.

I’m not nodding. Not that they know or care…but I am not nodding.

If you are politically left and you share a video or news article from CNN or, transversely, you’re on the right sharing what FOX News has to say…stop, for the LOVE of GOD..PLEASE JUST STOP Right There.

It isn’t CNN or FOX exclusively. I’m holding those two up as the flagships for News as told by Donkeys and Elephants. From what I can tell, every news site and blog are written with bias.

They all favor one party over the other. By favor, I mean they rant, slant and intentionally focus on tearing down opposing viewpoints. You can literally watch the same story told on both networks and come away with totally different information.

I’ve seen interviews with the exact same person on both networks and found it humorous how on one network, questions were volleyed up for the perfect answers; while on the other network questioning was aimed at criticizing and negating the story.

In this election, “they” say (whoever “they” are) that only about 8% are still undecided. I believe it is much smaller percentages than that. Who really knows? Either way, that means that 92% or more of the votes are already decided and I would predict most, if not all, of those were decided even before the candidates were announced. Disgusting, but true.

Your Facebook post slamming Hillary or Trump is not impacting that 8% and even if it did, they aren’t any more likely to vote for a candidate based on your most recent ‘This-is-Going-To-Change-The-Election’ video from or If those posts are swaying any of the 8%, you can have them. Those folks are easily manipulated.

Team Democrat and Team Republican disgust me…not because of what they stand for or stand against, but because most people are so venomously opposed to any idea, proposal or policy of the other side.

People vote on party lines (many say they aren’t when they are) simply because that’s their “team”. This used to be only true of voters, but over the past two decades it is true of the politicians themselves.

Compromise used to be a professional means to move forward and impact change, now the only things being compromised is our effectiveness as a democracy.

Ridiculous right? Yes, yes…I know. Many of you reading this are all “I’m independent”, yet according to most studies, very few of you actually are. If you truly are independent, then surely you’re nodding your head reading this, yeah?

What’s more upsetting to me still, is that so many of my friends on the right claim “Holiness, righteousness and alignment to God’s intentions.” Again… please stop with this nonsense.

Jesus loves democrats. Yep, even Hillary.
He loves republicans. Yep, even Trump.

Jesus would ‘Like’ most of our Facebook posts so long as they aren’t attacking or degrading another. I don’t know that he would ignore the negativity and scroll on by, but then again, he does have thumbs.

He HATES POLITICS though! It is corrupt and always has been. It isn’t what God intended for us anyway, He left us with only 2 laws (Love Him and Love Each Other; Mat 22:37-40). He clearly had simple guiding principles in mind. Yet as we humans do, we complicate it.

They Know, Right? They know that Jesus isn’t a Republican? He isn’t a Democrat? They know that he isn’t even American? They know that he hates politics, primarily because it distracts us from why we are really here at all? They know this right? The ones who claim Christianity somehow aligns to their political opinions?

Spare me the debate about abortion. There is love and hate of the highest form on both sides. I wrote a piece on that topic separately and will publish it when I feel it is ready.

Policy-wise, there is a great number of issues going down both aisles which equally demonstrate both the love and mercy that Christ hopes for us to share, and unfortunately, also the sin and bitterness He wishes for us to avoid.

This talk of voting for “the lesser of two evils” is naive as well. There is no such thing. Evil is evil…sin is sin. They are equally evil just as they are equally good. Same is true of you and me. If you are a believer, you know this, right?

I love Facebook. I do hate when Christians use it to defend how their political views are supported by their Christianity. It isn’t, and you are doing more harm than good.

We are called to unite people, to reach out to those on the margins and to love them. When Christianity is represented as a political thing, it is a nasty and untrue model for those who don’t yet know Christ.

For those living on the fringes of society, they see Christ being represented as hate through politics. That saddens me, and it should you too. That group, after all, is the very people Jesus spent his life with, walking with, assisting them in their cry for help and advocating for their needs.

Aside from “giving unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” (Mat 22:15-22) Paul also tells us in Romans to submit to authority. (Rom 13:1-7)

He is telling us that our leaders are not put into position without God’s consent. If you truly believe that, and I do, then the very will of the people which God blessed us with and the vote cast will put into office exactly who God intends to be there. Doesn’t matter if you agree with it, doesn’t matter if that leader will be good at the job or not, doesn’t matter if one is better for the position or not. These are opinions of people, not of God.

He loves Republicans, He loves Democrats, He loves Americans…but He isn’t any of these. I hope that on November 8th, we (Christians) will accept and submit to God’s will by supporting whomever gets the oval office. My dad, a veteran of the U.S. Army who served in Vietnam instilled this in me. I just love that it is supported biblically.

Regardless of the winning candidate, I will respect them, their authority, their position as leader of our nation. I will be prepared to do as much as I can for the common good of all people, not just those who agree with me politically, and not just those who are American.

My purpose, your purpose, His purpose is so much bigger than any political party, any country and most certainly any election.

Titus 3:1
“Remind them to be subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good deed.”

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  1. All I can say is “Amen!!”

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